Repülj a szabadságba



Engedd el magad, és képzeld el, hogy olyan szabadon és bátran repülsz, mint a madarak az égen. Nyisd ki a szemed és engedd, hogy lenyűgözzön az a csodálatos látvány, mely eléd tárul. Ez éppen annyira végtelen, mint amennyi lehetőség vár rád az életben!



Freedom. For many people it is just an unattainable dream. They just think they are free, but not.  They are bound to rules, expectations and compliance constraints.

When you dare to show your feelings honestly, without playing and masks, you are closer. When you take the risk and the responsibility for your decisions, you can feel that you are free.

Freedom is the most wonderful feeling what we all want to feel.

Freedom also means making a decision, to decide what you want, how, when and with whom. That is not enough if you know in theory, or you just dream about it. You have to change the knowledge into activity. To stand by, to watch yourself and to take on everything that is up to you.

This tour we have a walk near Blue Grotto and Temples, and also a special program which contains a bird flotation. The freedom is demonstrated by the birds most. They fly without constraints, enjoy the air, the sun and the spectacular view. Of course, we see this as a human being.

The key to change is to look at the present.

Pass out of your comfort zone and feel the very different quality of life that freedom means.


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