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    Self-understanding journey to Malta

    Do you also believe that traveling is good? Not only because you can see different landscapes. Also because you can look at your own life in a different light. You will be refreshed physically and spiritually during each journey. And you’ll be enriched with experiences from which you can recharge later, especially on a self-understanding journey. There may be situations when you feel you blocked and don’t know what to do, for example crisis, confusion in your life. The best way you can change your situation is to move yourself out of it. When you are a little away from your tasks and daily routines for a few days, distance…

  • Roamings

    Freely, roaming, on a Malta tour

    I hike freely in Malta, and enjoy the pleasure of availability of doing everything, getting everything I want. I wished this free life, which is the limitlessness of my thoughts, the fulfillment of my dreams. Looking at the sea, I think how simple it is, and how difficult it was to get to this point.