I love to show you my writings, which I give you as inspirations. From the way of my own road, on which I am going, I absorb the knowledge that I bring forth, I live. It is a constant experience in which newer thoughts come to me and help us to illuminate the lives of our lives from different perspectives.

Snapshots, life shakes, experiences will be shared by me. Mostly, the situations we are all concerned with have all come together. Because although our lives are completely individual and unique, our situations are often very similar.

If you open your heart when reading blog entries, you can easily get my say. Live through your feelings, sniff what I write and identify with you, take it further, build it into your own life. Think about what you do not know or do not want to digest, and consider what resistance you have in that direction. This is the best way to develop.

To read, to learn, to know a good thing. To deepen yourself, and to listen to your inner voice is even better. I wish that my thoughts inspire you to know and receive your own world.

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