Which courses?

I have set up online courses in which I pass on my knowledge acquired from my previous experience of life. Study materials work on a special life situation and help you to better cope with your doubts.

Courses do not contain practical advice or information, but spiritual reinforcements.

With online courses, you can use your own home based at your own pace to process the curriculum and perform relevant exercises.

During virtual lessons, videos, audio, podcasts, and text descriptions are used to guide you through the tasks associated with the subject. You can record the descriptions naturally by practice, so there are many tasks related to that lesson.

What kind of online courses?

You’re full of energy, and you want to start your own business.

You would like to move to abroad, but the thought seems too far away. 

You are wondering how you can best accomplish yourself.

Any time

Have your free time at any time of the week, at any minute of the day, from home, comfortably can go to the curriculum at your own pace.


Being anywhere in the world is enough if you have access to a computer or any smart device and you already have access to the course.


With access to the interface, you can repeat the course unlimited, at any time and anyway you can read, view and make it.


Downloadable materials and online support are available on the course. Free upgrades and additions to all the materials you buy.

Learn on my online courses

With the help of MannaCoach online courses I can provide spiritual support and new perspectives in specific areas that are most interested in you. 

What happens on the courses?

During the virtual lessons, I will guide you through questions related to specific topics. I point out the doubts that arise and show you ways to dispel them. It will cover the paths you are going to make your dream come true.

What are the advanteges?

At your own pace, you can travel according to your own needs with travel time loss and without calendar matching problems. Your lifelong access will allow continuous repetition or practice specific types of work.

What are the disadvantages?

What is the advantage of that is the disadvantage. You are progressing according to your own temples, so if you are a little bit more lazy, or you’re going to sort your other things forward, your development will not be too effective. You will be the motivator of yourself.