We learn, understand, realize and teach

How do we learn? At school math class, I just looked at the board in a navel and copied what was written mechanically. Then I got home, sat down, looked at it again, read it again, then sighed and started my homework. I tortured, tried, counted, nothing. Until in one example, something suddenly clicked. I saw the connections, I understood the process. Heureka! It is that simple? That it hasn’t gotten in my head so far? Because this is the clearest in the world. I started practicing from that moment on, until I did all this type of exercise easily.

Or when I read the same book several times. Depending on what stage of my life I was in, the book said something completely different in each time. Another as a teenager – when I was still amazed at the world; another as a young adult — when I was already consciously watching; quite differently as a parent – when I thought responsibly; or as a grandparent – by which time I already consider myself a worldview.

As an adult

Your adulthood consists of as many identifiable stages as your childhood. Just as you learned to sit, stand, talk, go to kindergarten, school, and then go on to higher school or get a job, you have easy-to-identify points as an adult. Marriage, child, career, family, house, car, degree, middle age, child leave the home, breakup, crisis, retirement, etc.

We all have an individual life path, of course, one of us gives birth first, then goes to school, the other focuses on his career, later takes on a family – but most people go through the same situations. This is how we can talk to each other with understanding because of our familiar stages of life.

School of life

We learn non-stop, about our environment, about people, about ourselves, about the world. After each recognition, another area waiting to be explored awaits us, and so it goes all the way through.

When you learn about yourself, the process works in exactly the same way as when you prepare for an exam. In the same way, you have to read a lot of literature, you have to look at a lot of information, you have to research the existing trends, you are looking for possible alternatives, you are choosing the right teacher for you.

You read all the related articles, you listen to your friends’ thoughts. You talk, you research, you accept, you reject principles and methods. The many repetitive sentences are slowly coming out of your elbow. Then comes the moment when the many tiny little mosaics you have collected will form into a single whole within you. The moment you understand hey, that’s why he said it, he did it, that’s why he suggested it, etc.…. When you slap it on the head and you say, oh, how easy it is!

In this process of cognition, you will move forward patiently. Sometimes you feel like you’re still stumbling in the same place that you already thought you knew it all about, you’re already applying it, and you’ve heard it so many times, you’ve read it so many times that it should work for you. Then comes a situation and you react according to the old schemes again.

Feel free to accept exactly what is happening to you. Every life situation draws your attention to what you still have a job to do, making you constantly forced to improve. And you can move forward and learn by using everything you have learned.

Transfer your knowledge

At first, you build from the thoughts of others, and then as you get inspired, you build your own order. After a while, you become more and more aware of how the world works and encounter more and more familiar situations.

There will come a moment when you begin to pass on your knowledge to those with whom you have talked before but have not yet found their own worldview. You share your insights, you try to shape them, and you want to help them understand them. In the meantime, you will also learn from your helpers and move forward on your own path.

Just as you have gone through your own experiences and come to your own insights, so the way is everyone’s own. We all go through our own self-purification.

This wonderful cycle takes us forward, our development, enriching ourselves, our environment, our world.

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