Why with me?

You are unconscious and looking for your way. You’ve read many books, listening to many teachers, turning around more places, never moving your life forward.

You want to realize your dreams. You secretly hope that as soon as you wake up in the morning, you will be in that life you imagined. What do you need to live your dreams?

Not for theories. But understanding, supportive medium that gives you strength. Many times, you need only a single push that moves, motivates, inspires to take action.

As a child of a star Aries, I brought strength, courage, momentum, and the desire for freedom. From theese I can pass on you to discover the inner resources that you can turn your life around.

Hold on to me on this path, strengthen me in your choices after my life. I trust that I can show you an example, to see how full life you can live if you change.

I’m waiting for you if you would like to know yourself, want to live from your heart and make the change happily. 

I say that we are responsible for our own destiny, for our lives and for our circumstances. So we are the ones who can take the initiative in our hands and start building our longing for life.

I built my self. I mean, I just build it. I do my job enthusiastically, I’m doing individual conversations, I keep programs, and I enjoy being together with you. I receive reinforcements from the feedback and the assurance that I can give you something of my energy and happiness that motivates you.

And that is my enthusiasm, and it encourages me to continue my journey. With this inner fire, passion, experience and accumulated knowledge I can help you get closer to your dreams.

My free-flying soul will help you open your own, get closer to the voice of your soul and believe in yourself.

Come with me

Gaze round

Feel yourself not on your place

Wish something else

Want to be free 

Get going

Want to be successfull 

Want to be enthusiastic

Want to get started

In process

Don’t see the way out

Stuck on the march

Owerhelmed by doubts 


Or you just think

Want concrete ideas 

Wish fresh air

I can show you, how you can enjoy the freedom in your life, how can reach to turn your dreams into reality. My experiences only guidance for you, you have your own way. 

Come with me, enjoy the freedom and the change.