Self-understanding journey to Malta

Do you also believe that traveling is good? Not only because you can see different landscapes. Also because you can look at your own life in a different light. You will be refreshed physically and spiritually during each journey. And you’ll be enriched with experiences from which you can recharge later, especially on a self-understanding journey.

There may be situations when you feel you blocked and don’t know what to do, for example crisis, confusion in your life. The best way you can change your situation is to move yourself out of it.

When you are a little away from your tasks and daily routines for a few days, distance can give you new perspectives to the solutions.

Self-understanding travel, recharging, vacation

Therefore, I designed my coaching program to complement my own personality development expertise with the „therapeutic” benefits of travel.

I host you in beautiful Malta, the island of freedom, far away from your problems. Let’s see what may have become obsolete, unnecessary in your life and you just carrying it as a column. From this perspective, it is easier for you to see, also recognize, what is real value and important for you.

Believe me, many times it is enough to be in a different place, to experience different things than in your usual activities, in everyday life.

How do you find yourself on the Maltese way of self-discovery?

You desire to experience peace and inner harmony. You crave a little silence, sigh, to see more clearly where to go next.

Instead, you experience a rush of hustle and bustle everywhere, you rush from one meeting to another and things to do are slowly overwhelmed you.

It is not surprising, that you feel you can’t make your own decisions in this urgency-rotation. Sometimes you get lost, drift and lose direction.

After all, how can you find your own inner answers to the big questions of your life if you don’t create a special opportunity and take the time to deal with them?

That’s exactly the reason why you must come to me. I can help you to move out of home and your ordinary situations and thinking, problem-solving patterns that you may feel stuck in and you’re harder to get out of on your own.

Why Malta? Why me?

My experience, my own example, diverse life path and current, non-everyday life management model can inspire you. Looking at my life, you can approach your own situation in other way. You not only get theoretical tips from me, but you can see the practical implementation – and „step by step” – of everything that needs to a fresh start, a successful shift, the realization of a new life can mean to you.

Finally, you will see this simultaneous ’external’, spatial and ’internal’ spiritual journey does not end with your return. Indeed, it will really start…

I look forward to welcome you in my inspiring self-understanding journey program.

Author: Szilvia Gürtler

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