Do you feel on the verge of burnout?

Do you often feel tired? I’m sure you want to meet the requirements of your workplace for 100%. Perhaps you can already see that you subordinate everything to this goal, but this can easily lead to burnout. I give you 5 tips to recognise the signs and handle before it’s getting worse.

Here are 5 tips how to avoid a state of complete burnout

1.Stop and think!

Slow down a bit and think about why you are doing what you do. Do you really have the same goal now as you did a few years ago? Do you really want to create and acquire the same things you planned in the past? Do you think it’s worth spending a lot of time into something that burns your soul out and lead you to the verge of burnout?

Think about your initial motivation:

-why did you start working in that particular job?

-what motivated you to choose that particular career path

-what is going on in that workplace these days?

You can also write down your thoughts and emotions connecting to work things. Make a list for easier reference.

2. Communicate your feelings

In such cases, the most helpful thing is to express your feelings and thoughts without being ashamed of yourself or afraid that they will condemn you. Feel free to ask for help, I am here to listen and support you in moving forward. I know sometimes seems scary and hard to open up to others, but believe me, it helps a lot and makes your soul easier when you finally do.

3. Plan again

Once you stop and clarify the first point has taken place and it will be clear what is in you and you may want to redesign your goals. If you are no longer motivated by what was most important a few years ago and you want to move in a different direction, take it boldly and overwrite your initial ideas.

You may also want to review how you work. Maybe you can only go to your workplace a few times a week, the other time you work from home. Or you can ask for your own office to be at ease. You should also look at these from the outside, because while you’re in it, it’s hard to see new paths.

You can see a man re-planning his visions to avoid burnout.

4. Dare to change!

This is a pivotal point because in my experience as soon as you express your feelings, the need for change appears within you. You may easily realize that the conditions at work, the frustrating atmosphere, the spiritual and power terror that comes with abuse triggers a feeling of burnout. Then there will be a lot of air around you and everything will be clearer. If you’re want something different, you can’t find your new way, yet you should think about your vocation.

5. Allow yourself well-being!

It can also easily be that you are happy with everything, you love your job too, you just simply overworked to get the most out of it. In such cases a short retreat will help where you can rest from the stressful period and realize that you need to be in the right mental and physical condition to achieve the desired results. By the way you can include shorter breaks during the day, you can consciously include a min of 1 preferably 2 ordinary mornings in the afternoon when you pursue a hobby activity you like. It could be walking, exercise, time spent with a partner, anything.

At first, this extra time may seem surprising, though it isn’t. You will understand when you break out of the spin, your mind will also open up and becoming more receptive to accepting new kinds of insights. You need a break because both your body and your body need to rest. Charge yourself up, stop and break out of ordinary life. Bring enthusiasm, inspiration, motivated action back into your life.

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