Do you do what you really want?

Day by day and week by week I just worked, I did my thing. I rushed to work, garnished children, ran a household, and settled many of our small business. Something was constantly squirming inside me, a little voice in the back that was just whispering all the time. ‘Do you need it? Is it really that important? Do you even have to accept that?‘ Of course, I tried to suppress it, so I crammed even more into one day, rushing even harder. Then came the moment I stopped and asked myself the question:

‘Why don’t you do what you really want?’

For this, of course, is my usual excuse come:

‘I can’t do everything at once’

‘I have to finish this first, and only then I can start that’

‘Not this year / this week / today, but next year / next week / tomorrow really…’

If the above sentences sound familiar and have been uttered several times from your mouth, then there is a possibility that you will postpone the action. Maybe you’re scared, maybe you don’t dare start anything else, maybe you’re too comfortable or moving… It doesn’t matter. The point is, you’re still not doing what you really want.

What can you do?

Don’t worry

Don’t worry if you only anticipate the next step. It’s not a problem at all if you don’t even have an idea now how you’re going to accomplish your goal. In most cases, it is enough to move forward in small steps. Along the way, the answers will come, as will the opportunities. Keep going in your planned way.

Plan again

If you’re afraid of change, it’s time to accept that when change comes — and change always comes — it’s worth simply redesigning. Do not prove the changed situation, circumstance, take it as an opportunity. You can learn something new and experience more and more of yourself. After all, you can apply your existing knowledge in resolving situations in a new situation, or you can gain a new kind of vision.

Leave your excuses behind

When you’re tired of constantly looking for an excuse for not moving towards your goals, the confrontation can come: ‘I didn’t reach my goal because I didn’t do everything for it’. Don’t look for excuses, loopholes, answers to why you didn’t do things. Don’t even explain to yourself that you had a good reason for all this. Simply ask yourself, “how can I do more to achieve my goal?”

Make a plan

Have a plan that you can rely on because it will make it much easier to see what awaits you in a given week, month, year. If you plan your small steps in advance, you will have time to prepare both mentally and spiritually, making your specific tasks less unexpected. If you have a goal and for example you allocate time in advance when you take the time to reach your goals, it will be much clearer what you need to do and you will be less lost in the rush of everyday life.

Forget drifting, fluttering here and there, putting others ’requests in front of you. Move purposefully towards the goals you have set. By this, I am not encouraging you to stick to cramping, but to keep your direction in mind at all times.

I set off for my dreams

How did my own story turn out? One day, after all, I was listening to my inner voice. I stepped out of what I was used to, and embarked on a new adventure. I never regretted it for a moment and I know I can repaint my life at any time. Now I always listen to the little inner voice, follow my intuitions, and turn my dreams into goals. Step by step, quite a few have already been achieved. And I’m just starting to really dream.

Dream big too and find your life mission.


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