I am Szilvia Gürtler – Life Mentor.

I believe in the possibility of living an inspired life and in the power of renewable perspectives. That’s why I created MannaCoach, one of the fastest paths to your self-knowledge, professional fulfillment, abundance and freedom. As a devotee of self-realization, I help you rebuild, restart or transform your life.


Online, individually, self-improvement courses


Coaching personalized mentor programs


Self- confident programs combined with travel

As a devotee of self realization I help you to recover, restructure or rebuild your life.

My programs support your self-realization and serve to consciously structure your life in abundance and joy.

support you to develop your self-knowledge with my online courses to build a strong basis for everything you want to achieve.

With my life management programs,   I support the realization of your goals and raising your life to a higher level.

With my freedom programs my aim is to help you raising your awareness and to make come true your creative and abundant life

In the world of MannaCoach you can leave yourself, your creative and inspired self in a free and creative way. You can be anything what you were just dreaming about. 


My main driving force is to give new perspectives, you may not have dared to think about so far. I inspire you to have more questions, rather have restrictive answers and statements. Questions keep you moving.

I want to be your inspiration , I give you perception, understanding, acceptance and impetus, inspiration. If you honor me with your trust, I accompany you.

With my full professional identity, I have worked over the past few years as a coach to be able to create a safe emotional space for honest self-employment. As you receive patient and loving acceptance from me, you can experience the energy of action being created among us. That energy sets in motion and it can influence them to change to be better.


Self realization at master's level - to you


Self-knowledge Developing a personality and achieving a conscious life is a complex learning process. I have created comprehensive self-improvement study materials for you that will open your eyes to what you have not seen in yourself so far. I provide you with comprehensive support as part of my online courses. Videos, audio, downloadable practice series, and online coaching are included in each training. 

Live a creative life!

Life management

We are building a world where you can be who you are. Free, independent, brilliantly talented, sparkling, unbridled, on your own way, sometimes wandering, sometimes self-seeking. I will help you free yourself from your limiting ideas. I offer you coaching Life management programs to become a leader in your personal life or business.


Experience yourself to the fullest!


I am waiting for you on a fairy-tale, dreamy island where I open your heart to receive miracles. It’s time to break through that non-existent glass ceiling that avoids your attention that the entire starry sky and all the treasures of the universe are yours. Travel to the sunny island of Malta with me, alone or with your partner, and I will show you what other perspectives exist for a joyful life.

Go to the level of awareness!

Be part of the world of MannaCoach!

I invite you with love to MannaCoach world’s, where you can meet people who dare to change their life if they feel they are serving others happiness. We are ready to act, we are brave and we dare to think differently.

Experience the feeling of life that means we were born for freedom and dare to live!

Join to Manna community, where I constantly share new exercises and challenges. Our aim is to perfect our self-knowledge and stand by each other. Choose one of my services and visit our Facebook group!

Let’s make your dreams come true together! Step into the wonderful path of self-realization!

Meet soon on one of my self realization program!

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