7 days in Malta

You love vacations. The memories of each holiday live in you as special experiences: full of the excitement of discovery, learning something new, relaxation, adventures. Do you remember city visits, hiking, or time spent together, lived emotions? I suspect the latter, so I thought big and linked the emotional charge associated with relaxation to an inspiring self-awareness program.

During your stay my goals are to allowing yourself to receive new experiences, and also to let your inner world come to the surface.

Nature, special places serve your physical recharge, and coaching gives you finding inner balance, wondering and deepening yourself.

inspiráló élmények

Personalized programs

Minden program a te személyiségedhez igazodik, és a hozott témáid megoldásához kapcsolódik. 

Amikor megérkezel és szusszantál egyet, különleges beszélgetésre invitállak. Feltérképezzük, hogy mik a te vágyott céljaid, mi az, ami a legfontosabb számodra. Innen indulva haladunk a programokkal, és a felfedezésekkel a szigeten. Az itt töltött idő alatt minden arról szól, hogy felszabadulj, megtaláld önmagad, és élvezd az életed. 

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Self-knowledge for travellers

This program is about driving confidently not only on the paved / usual path, but also on the hidden paths of your soul. On the days you spend here, you will experience more and more beauty, joy, adventure, challenge, and you are guaranteed to be amazed at how everything changes in you from moment to moment. Here you can experience the feelings that live in your heart and laugh freely.

I have created a program in which we combine your self-knowledge with getting to know the thousand-faced landscapes and cities of Malta. This is how you can combine the pleasant with the useful: you will spend a wonderful week on the beach in bright sunshine, getting to know every nook and cranny of this magical island. In the meantime, you can also take a look at the hidden little secrets of your soul, where many of your treasures are waiting to be discovered.

Let"s connect

The program also includes unique extra conversations, so by the time you arrive, we already know each other a bit. After you return back home we will talk every 3 weeks, in 4 times. During this meetings I will help you to realize, to build in your understandings into your life, and I accompany you in the process of integration, and process of change.

The freedom and experience you have in this week you spend here will generate big changes in you. Roughly 20 hours of coaching, and the inspiring experiences you will have during your stay here, roughly correspond to a 5-months coaching process. Since we are constantly here together and combined with movement, feel free to double its effectiveness. I can tell you with confidence that this one week program can give you a power of a one-year program.
Because there are very far-reaching changes taking place in you in such a short time, I consider follow-up and support as very important thing. See how it will happen:

Get to know conversations

30-minute life situation mapping coaching about your most important topic.

General information

Useful information about Malta in 30 minutes, you can ask your questions and other details.

Inspiring experiences

One week in Malta, with me, in the coaching program. Exciting, in-depth conversations, discoveries.

Personal coaching

1 hour of coaching every 3 weeks (4 in total) after your departure for your integration.

You can get to know, discover and understand yourself in an inspiring, Mediterranean setting. A special adventure awaits you, where you can take part in both challenge and inner immersion this month away from everyday life.

Of course, we also take time to relax and calm down, to deepen new experiences and insights. With the help of the exercises, you will be able to observe yourself from a different perspective than before.

On the other hand, you will be able to look into a mirror that is not distorted by different interests and expectations.


I will help you with the organization, of course, send you a pre-information on what is waiting for you in Malta (weather, technical details) and I will be waiting for you in person at the airport.

Don’t worry about the local rules and daily life, we’re together all day, I’ll take care of everything. You can feel safe, I’ll take care of you.


Customer experiences

About me

I have been living in Malta since 2016 and I am practically in love with it from the first moment. That’s why I dreamed of a 7-day program where I can show you all the wonders of the island while also bringing your own brilliant inner diamond to light.

I even tried the idea right away with one of my freind, with whom we started a tour around the island to discover every nook and cranny. Needless to say, even after 4 years, it didn’t quite work out, although I’m becoming more and more familiar with both popular and hidden places.

These trips, on the other hand, have proven that movement-related conversations and outdoor exercises bring amazing liberation and transformation into our lives.

In such a weekly program, not only you, but both of us will evolve and change. It’s so intense that I take on a maximum of 1 client a month.

About the accommodation

In a popular part of Malta, on the coast of Msida, in a 2-room apartment you will have your own en-suite room. Every morning you can wake up to the sun and enjoy your morning coffee or tea on the wonderful terrace. In the evenings, you can sit out on the terrace and watch couples walking on the promenade, locals, or admire the dreamy yachts. Meanwhile, you can rinse off your local specialty with Maltese Cisk beer or Kinnie soft drinks. The sea promenade is under your window, the beach is 8 minutes walk.

I am already very excited, and waiting you to say YES to this adventure together. Do not hesitate, come, step out of your comfort zone, start boldly! I’m waiting for you at the airport and experimenting with love. It will be wonderful, I promise! „

Come with me to a virtual trip around Malta

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