See your achievements of the previous year!

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What is the Year ending diary good for?

Before you start planning for the new year, you might stop for a while and review the previous year. What have you learned from it? How your life has been changed? What did you give to the world and what did you get from the world? How and in what did you develop? 

Summarizing the previous year is the basic step, without it planning for the new year is almost unthinkable – at least certainly less detailed and effective.

I especially recommend it now when you might look back on the previous year as one that just took away from you and brought nothing. After filling up the diary, you will be surprised at how much you got and learned and how much you brought last year.

Be proud of yourself and admit your achievements! 

I know, the new year starts often with resolutions. Those mainly vanish after some days. So instead of oaths, I suggest you to plan with conscious. The first step is to take into account the results of your previous year.

Don’t miss this step, and admit yourself. If you think for the first sight of the previous year as if it had one which had not bring you anything useful, sit down and fill up the diary. You will immediately see how many things you got. 

When you answer to the questions I ask, you will see much more clear. The admiration gives you the first step to plan a happier, more succesful new year. 

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