What does the digital nomadic way of life offer?

I moved to Malta in 2016. It was clear that I wanted to leave the multinational-company world behind. I desire something else: freedom, informality, self-identity, a digital nomadic lifestyle. Today, I can work from anywhere thanks to my laptop and internet connection and of course I can use the knowledge I’ve collected from years ago. Yet I am not literally digital nomad since I settled in Malta – although exploring the world, several weeks of travel are still present in my life. Meanwhile, our world is changing at an amazing rate. In, next to, with it or in spite of it, we are changing too. In fact, I say we change our world. Sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. Every organization – family, company, country – is defined by thoughts, habits and desires. This means that change has already begun in us, and that’s now clearly visible in the world. 

Digital nomadic society

How does this change manifest? For example, more and more people choosing a freer work style, the digital nomadic way of life. This is perhaps not so strange, in the old ages there were also migrating ducklings who traveled the world, studied, worked and then returned home. This way of life is of course very different from the old ages. The wandering stick was replaced by laptop, the carrier pigeon by the smartphone. 

In this situation, that spring brough for many workers, made they able to experience the benefits of this way of life. Today, more and more people are choosing to work from home, the amount and location of time spent at work is becoming more convenient and freer. Workplace conflicts are reduced, crawl costs are minimal, traffic jams are almost gone, and people are calmer. 

First steps

These are just the initial steps because working from home will not make you a digital nomad. Next step is when you are working from home and you have a feeling that you can do anywhere the work, the place just not matter. Here, more and more settlers will become digital nomads as a kind of migration begins and thousand, tens of thousands of people choose a freer life, a freer way of life. 

The image shows a women typing her laptop. This is the way how some digital nomadic poeple work.


Digital nomadic lifestyle, like any other, has challenges. As long as you are in your usual environment, you won’t feel a lot of changes. As soon as you step out of the confines of your home, city, country, there will be a lot of things you will have to face with. Here I’m thinking mostly of mental challenges – in addition to visas, foreign languages, medical care and more. 

Living in a foreign environment, embracing the culture of another country, integrating into a new community is not an easy thing. Especially of you do all this every 2-3 month because you are migrating from country to country. In addition, having fantastic adventures, broadening your horizons and becoming more receptive to other nations and cultures, you also have to deal with homesickness, identity crisis, fatigue and possible time lags. 

Go step by step and prepare for a new way of life, a new kind of world and work. First you have to find your personal statement. Once you have it, you can go anywhere, the challenges will be dwarfed by the experiences, the joy and the satisfaction. 

Fulfill your vocation

Although travel opportunities are now limited, our world is still constantly changing. Already, many old professions are disappearing, and a lot of new ones are being created. None of us can predict what and how it will transform. As we change, we create new opportunities, new worlds for ourselves. Be an active creator of this change, experience what it looks like a practice. I am waiting for you in Malta.

Author: Gürtler Szilvia

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