Play life and live joyfully

I sit on the beach, watching the kids running around, and the big adults talking seriously, sometimes warning the kids to behave. I look and think about where the playfulness, self-forgetfulness of childhood will be, by the time we reach adulthood? When do we start taking ourselves too seriously, thinking about life as a task and living it with clenched teeth? Who told us that as adults we have to be more serious than children?

I don’t see any adults playing, running with their arms outstretched in the wind, and laughing with joy. Not even smiling very much. I don’t see them climbing trees, rocking their legs, swinging, or screaming in the cold water. Everywhere I look, I am surrounded by serious, anxious, adulthood faces in this world torn apart by childish and adult behavior.

Play life!

I have been trying to regain my childhood awareness and faith for years. The certainty when I even knew that what I dreamed for myself is clearly mine. The confidence when, after each kneeling, I no doubt believed I would get up again.

Ever since I don’t take things so seriously, I’ve been trying anything since it was like just a new game. Whatever I start all over again, I enjoy it and experience every moment of the game. I’m excited to discover new paths, excited to climb the stone fence to peek behind, and just as excited to launch a new service or write this blog post.

What can happen? The road leads nowhere and I turn back. They fall off the fence and drop on my ass. My service will be well received or there will be no echo. Do you like this article or go on. Anything can happen. And I start a new game again and again. Because I want to live my life playing. Like a child, laughing, smiling, happily slipping through the minutes.

Try it!

Live joyfully too, gather experiences and play life! Don’t want to organize, define, and secure everything in advance. After all, where the discovery, the joy of the game will happen?

Of course, I have moments when I’m sad. There are also moments when I feel like crying. These are also part of the game of life. I don’t take it too seriously, I don’t get stuck in grief, and I don’t grieve if something turns out differently than originally planned. Not at all.  Most of the time, I don’t even figure out how it might turn out. I just go and do it because I feel like it. Because I want to try, I want to know and feel the experience.

Whenever I embark on a new adventure, I start a new game. I see life as a big playground where it’s up to me to feel it. I can sit on the bench and watch others play or I can get in and enjoy the game.

When was the last time you enjoyed your life like a game?

Come back to yourself and play life! Experience the joys of self-discovery together at MannaClub!


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