With small steps, you’ll get further

How did you acquire the new knowledge at school? We learnt sometimes a little deeper, sometimes more superficially but with steady, small steps. We did not start by solving the two unknown equations but pretty slowly, learning the four basic operations, then learning the multiplication table and we continued with the basic equations, only then we meet first the one and then the two unknowns.

This is also the case with self-knowledge. We get to know new ideas and new possibilities pretty slowly, little by little, small steps. Somehow, we expect that everything will change from one moment to the next. We are looking for the wonder element, which is not existing.

Why don’t we believe that a little change can give a totally different insight? Why do we think that only big changes help, only those that bring results?

My experience is that it is enough to take small steps from time to time. What is enough is, to do one thing differently than we did before. How?

Everything works exactly the same here as, for example, in your work. First and foremost, you need to determine exactly where you want to go. This will be followed by more detailed planning, but this is already the subject of the next article.

Now start the change with this little practice: give yourself 5 minutes attention every morning. 

A képen kültéri, személy, férfi, állás látható

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Choose 5 minutes that are just yours. Let come to the surface what resides in your soul, by looking inward in a concentrated, directed manner. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish the most on a given day, what you personally want. What is your innermost desire that you really want and that is all about you?

Imagine yourself that you have already reached this state, you have realized this desire. Melt into this picture. Let your feelings come to the surface and experience them. Observe when a feeling comes power: do you feel joy, satisfaction, serenity, and please also watch where fear arises, or a thought that hinders the desired goal.

Once you find a negative or frightening thought, make yourself aware. It’s great to have come up with this idea because now you can neutralize it. Namely, by letting go. Say it out loud, „I let go of my belief that …….” and continue the sentence with the appropriate ending.

In the next step, rephrase this sentence into a positive thought and say it out loud as well.

For example: you think you can’t finish anything. Then your two sentences sound like this: „I let go of my belief that I can’t finish anything.” „I allow myself to be able to finish every activity I start.”

Maybe you noticed the parallel between the word let go and allow myself. A single tiny verb conjunction, yet it gives a completely different meaning to the statement. Let go of the old, entrenched thoughts, and allow yourself the new, the liberator, the implementer.

A képen kültéri, hegy, szikla, híd látható

Automatikusan generált leírás

Let this be the first step, the first basic operation you will learn during your self-knowledge journey. Do it today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and every day thereafter a little differently than you did before. 

Dedicate yourself this 5 minute a day and do the exercise in the morning. You can do as well while you’re waiting, on your lunch break, or whenever you can. Make it an integral part of your everyday life and watch the change.

Accept that you are taking small steps, keeping your eyes on the target all the time. I also recommend you write a diary about these thoughts so you can keep track your progress. 

After 30 days, look back and wonder at yourself.

Get started today!

What bad can happen? When you look inward, you can see some pictures, some desires that you haven’t seen before. Maybe you’ve just buried them very deep and haven’t thought about it in a long time. These ideas are still within you, just waiting to be realized.

Try it and you will see! 


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