Courage leads you to freedom

If you belong to a large percentage of people, it is very likely that your biggest goal is to experience freedom. This is your main motivation, your most coveted experience. You want to express yourself without limitations, restrictions, and follow your dreams soaring freely. To live without fear and complacency, showing your true self, your feelings, your desires. Somewhere inside you feel like you are authentic and free if you do it all.

But there are those sentences what stop you or block you:

What will they say if….

If I do that, I will offend somebody….

I can’t afford it because….

If I left,….

(Replace the sequel with your own words and thoughts.)


Is it familiar? These fears are pulling you back, these are your “self” limitations. Because no one else can limit your own inner world except yourself. You close yourself and bargain with yourself. And how can you live freely in a cage?

Courage takes you forward

Perhaps deeply you are in doubt, what you can show, while there is a desire in you to show more of the brilliant being you know so well from inside. Then there is a moment when you take on your opinion, your beliefs, and you already get a good dose of judgment, rejection, comment, criticism, opinion. This way, you go back to your snail shell, pull your masks back on yourself, and stay in your safe inner environment. Or you get into a fight and defend your truth, your self, so that after a while you find yourself running out of strength, running out of energy.

The more times this happens, the more likely it is sure after a while you will start to worry about what they will react to you when manifest yourself. After all, you don’t want rejection, opinions, and criticism, just to live who you are simply, credibly, without apology or excuses. This means that your dreaded inner treasure will show up. Your thoughts and desires come to the public. That’s why you need courage to be yourself.

Personal support


I look forward to reviewing your unique situation in a coaching session, where we will review where you are now and where you are going. In my mentoring programs, I support you to get to where you dream of yourself. Live your free, self-identical life!

Step out into the light!

The only way to live freely is to stand up as yourself and not care who says anything about you, or how they criticize. The only thing that matters is that you believe in yourself and that you can make your dream come true.

You don’t need others to believe in your dreams.

Nor does it matter that others accept your goals.

Don’t make important those people who doubt you, belittle you, and don’t believe you can do what you’ve planned, or maybe you’ve already start. Ask yourself the question: are you sure you want their recognition? And if you want to hear words of appreciation from someone else, expect them from someone you look up to and see as a role model or example. Anyone who has already reached the goal you have just set off for and whose recognition means that the way you go will get you to your goal.

Leave those who want something else and avoid those who look down on you. Don’t even bother yourself to do it for them, as it will take you away from your own reality the most. Instead, live your own life, along your desires, ideas, and dreams.

Aknowledge yourself

To live yourself freely, give yourself recognition as a first step. Be proud of who you are, what you have achieved, and where you are. Don’t look for lasting joy in expecting recognition from others because it will never be enough when you get it. You will always want more and more doses to consolidate your own cracking self-confidence.

Instead, give yourself recognition. Arm yourself because others will continue to criticize you. But if you also consider this part of the journey, in the process of stand by yourself, it will only confirm whether you really believe in your dream or not.

There will be always people who think differently. You just go your own way and don’t let criticism distract you from your beliefs.

Does it look scary? Yes, it is scary at first, second and even at many glance. As long as you move towards yourself. Because after that, it becomes as natural as breathing.

Yes, it requires courage to do so. But the winnings are priceless. Big breath and embark on the path of self-realization so that freedom is not just a dream but a daily reality.

Author: Gürtler Szilvia


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