Hard work or a gift of life?

Hard work pays off. Have you heard this quotes many times? I read a quote that stuck on my mind today and prompted me to grab keyboard. “diligent work bears fruit” says the quote, which I am now trying to put in a slightly different light. Nevertheless, it is worth rethink the meaning of this sentence, even as it is stated in the Bible: He who work lazily becomes impoverished, but hard work enriches him. (Example: 6.6.;12.21;19,15)

Hard work

I sit on the rock, hanging my feet, admiring the sea and thinking how misguided these entrenched sayings, folk wisdoms take us all. I think hard work means something completely different than going into your workplace, you work through according to your usual little routine then you return home at the end of the day. You will receive your salary once a month, from which you try to manage your expenses and the rest you will try to build a future for yourself.

You can see a hard working women thinking about the aim of her life. Why is she working, for who, ect.

Look back at your past years and think about whether the past period has already borne fruit. Have you already gotten rich from the activity you spend most of your day with? If so, you’re already living the life of your desires, that’s great, most likely you’re on your own path. If you haven’t, however, think about what results the next few years can bring you if your attitude won’t change. 

Who are you working for?

I’m almost sure you’ll work hard and get paid for it. The question is who do you work for, for who do you build for? Whose whish do you make come true.

Focusing on your own goal, concentrating because purposeful action is what brings you the long-awaited aim. This is the rarest case of a certain bell peach or golden pear falling into your lap during your daily routine. 

It is mostly about when you know where you are going, you know what can inspires you because you want to engage, do it diligently, persistently, focusing on achieving your goal. It also doesn’t matter if you run into difficulty sometimes or if you sometimes lose momentum. You have to keep your eyes on the target and move in the direction you choose for yourself. 

You can see a bowl of fruit which represents the results of hard work.

The fruit of life

In this case, the long-awaited delicious, juicy, sweetly dripping fruit arrives. You will be able to enjoy it in a balanced way and live in happiness. Indeed, it is possible to live a life in which the focused attention, the focus is on your own creation, your realization, the fruit of life means you are satisfied, comfortable and well-being. 

To be able to confidently create and reap the fruits of hard work (instead of life), first find your Personal Statement. 

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