lighter, happier, on a long journey

Lighter, happier and ready for a long journey

A beautiful young girl has arrived to me. One backpack on her shoulders, questions in her eyes, uncertainty in her answers. She was just in the beginning of a long journey around Europe. One year out of her homeland, Denmark. Big decision, yet lot of unsureness. Already after my one week program she is lighter, happier and more sure in her decision.

LIse came from Denmark to discover the world around her, and get to know about herself. See who is in this world, and how she wants to be part of it. Despite of her youth she is very conscious and she knows exactly what she wants to do.

I am amused by a girl, who just got rid of her belongings, kept only some things which fit into her backpack. It really fits into my style, yet I have a bit more stuff. So I follow her example and give away more things.


What is the reason of her journey? She wants to find her exact self in the things she is ready for. She wants to be alone to find her peace and balance. Because she also has a background just like all of us have it. And sometimes we need the distance to deal with our past and see our future.

When Lise started to speak I just wondered how this icy beauty started to melt in the sharp sunbeams of Malta. Suddenly her inner beauty shined through her external beauty. And I saw the sparkling, young, strong woman who was hidden deeply inside. I am sure after her one year journey she will become to Denmark as a new person, stronger, wiser and more conscious than she has ever been.


We went around Malta, enjoying the beautiful spots and went into the depth of her life stories. You know, it’s not so easy to speak and trust, especially if you are used to being silence. So big respect to this young girl who dared to bring to the surface her wishes and dreams. The fantastic environment, the new attractions helped her also to see her life from a different perspective. I am very careful to bring my participants to that places which are compatible with their challenges and the topics we talk about.

To speak about herself and open her heart was not so easy for her, but she was brave enough to do it. And the result was glittering like pearls in her eyes. She said good bye with the following words: ” I am lighter, happier and now ready for my long journey. Thank you.”

You can read more about the Inspiring experiences program here.

Szilvia Gurtler

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