Make a living from what you do with passion

In 2016, I made a big change in my life. Not only have moved to Malta, but I began to consciously move on to another lifestyle. I have decided that I want to live in a self-realized way of myself and out of what I do out of my passion and love. I didn’t even have a clue what I wanted to do with myself because I wanted to deal with it here, I just knew I wanted to start a new life. Living a different kind of life than being an overworked manager, making constant decisions, working in an office. Because even though I loved management in the beginning, after a while I started to burn out.

Out of bounds

Then, as time went on, it became more and more clear to me that I wanted to work flexible, living anywhere in the world. Although I was very attracted to the digital nomadic way of life, I am not really a digital nomad, as I have neither marketing nor other online knowledge to implement this lifestyle. So how do I live as kind of nomad – I asked myself.

It was already difficult to transfer coaching to the online field. Obviously, after 2020, this has changed or will change, as it is now fully accepted, but previously it was not a field that seemed to work. So it wasn’t too easy to get started in this online world.

Regardless of location

I was looking for ways that would ensure that wherever I was in the world, I could live comfortably out of my passion. The most important criterion is to be location independent. In comparison, I started a business in Malta that rents out flats, so I have to be here and welcome my guests. Or at least, even if my presence is not necessary, it is definitely recommended and also does not give me the freedom I desire.

It’s almost the same as sitting in an office, only now my office is a little bigger. My freedom is greater, of course, but even in this way it is not quite what I desire.


After this I wrote my first book, ‘Lélekrebbenés’, which was followed by more books. I thought maybe writing would be what gives me the freedom I want. Although I’ve sold a few books, it’s not enough to make a living anywhere. I will be publishing my books in English soon, so they will be available on Amazon, further increasing my potential income. Writing gives me creative and on-site freedom, which is why it’s an important part of my life. In addition to pursuing passion, with joy and dedication.

Just as coaching is something what I admire anytime, no matter how. Today, I have almost completely shifted my focus to online coaching so I can support my clients from anywhere in the world. In addition, I created various online programs that help participants achieve their calling of life, purpose in life, abundance.


I also have several types of financial investments. I am still investing in start-ups, listed companies and real estates. I walk with my eyes open, I move in many different fields, and I consciously try to build a passive income base for myself from many kinds of opportunities, as well as the possibility of a life that provides comfort and world citizenship.

I realize that it doesn’t really matter what you invest in, because the point is not to have a fantastic opportunity at first glance that brings in a fixed passive income, but to create from what I do with heart and soul and passion. Because what’s not attractive to one person at all can be a challenging, joyful investment opportunity for me that I see a huge imagination in and that I love to deal with.

By passion

And if there is joy and passion, then money will arrive. Because it is up to you to seize the opportunity and feed on the knowledge and passion within you. For example, I deal with a lot of things because it suits my personality the most, that’s where I feel best.

With ease, I play juggling, and if a puck falls off at times (I mean, it’s a non-returnable investment), I still go on with a smile in my face because I know the next one will come, and then another, and so on. I already have thousand ideas that open up new perspectives for me.

In a playful way

The joy of play, the expression of lightness is the creation itself.

It doesn’t matter what you do at all, it’s about how you do it. Most people are driven only by the will to make money, while play, enjoyment, rehearsal, are left out. While experimentation, attempts give the main fruit of the life. From these you will find what you really care about and what you are happy to create. Search, explore the possibilities, and dare to venture into something new. You see, creation yields its fruits from passion, and in addition to freedom and lightness, it also receives material stability as a gift. Because you can make a living from everything, you just have to find a way to make money from your passion.

Author: Szilvia Gürtler


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