7 simple way to avoid procrastination

I often find myself procrastinating. “I’ll write it later” and then “I’ll answer later”, then” I’ll leave later”, then” I’ll call later”, then read later, “I don’t have time now” and I could continue the line. I push the things I really want to do one by one.

If that’s the case with you, I hope these few ideas I’ve gathered will help you too. They worked for and I realize I’m getting more and more efficient.

1. Do it immediately!

As the horror of procrastination creeps towards me, I examine if the activity I want to postpone can be done in 2 minutes. A lot of times yes, and it’s easier, faster to do it right away than to write it down, keep it in mind. When I’m done with the task, I sit back contentedly and tick off one of my many tasks.

So, don’t hesitate, procrastination won’t take you anywhere: do what you can do right away.

2. Focus!

I often procrastinate because my focus slips apart. My head is full of everything and I want to do so much that 24 hours a day is not enough. Surely, I have to face the fact that my energy sources and time are also finite.

It helps a lot to avoid procrastination if you prioritize and choose what tasks you want to focus on. For example, if you’re a fan of organizing, you can spreadsheet your important and urgent tasks, categorizing them, and sorting them out in order.

If you work a little looser, it’s enough to imagine two big heaps: one is for “I’ll have to do it sometime”  category and the other is a set of “tasks that can’t be put off” by being postponed anyway. And within that, you can already move at your own pace, along your own priorities. The point is in progress.😛

3. Start it!

Whatever happens, do your thing. Don’t listen to the small sound, whispering from your shoulder. It doesn’t matter what happens. You can’t predict every event that can happen anyway, and you can’t prepare for everything at all. The ones you imagine can happen; they can really happen. So what? You’ll treat it when it happens.

Of course, be prepared for what you know. The fears associated with it should not deter you from realizing it. There won’t be a time when you will be prepared for everything. Trust me. So, act now. Boldly.

4. Take it easy!

With despair and contemplation, I get nowhere. That’s why I’m more cheerful and self-forgetful.

Most of the questions and problems that arise can be solved almost immediately, so you have nothing to fear. For some reason, we work better when we’re cheerful.

There are no unsolvable tasks. Sometimes it’s enough to look at the situation from a different perspective and you’ll already find it easier.

5. Take as much, as you can!

My relationship with time is quite interesting, so I regularly underestimate the amount of time it takes to complete a task. Not to mention that my enthusiasm at the peak of the planning is very high but leaves me a little lower when I have to realize things.

Sometimes I want to cram as much as possible of a day.  The recipe is ready, how and why I push the tasks. However, this cannot be an excuse.

Therefore, as a solution, I came up with the idea to break the task for small pieces and activities.  I can better estimate how much I have to deal with each little activity. Sometimes a little break is nice lately I’m already planning it for my day.

a pair of ballet shoes

6. Divide!

The method of starting my tasks related to an unwanted task. Looking for a part of the unwanted task that I am happy to deal with, is perfectly proven.

The amazing thing about this technique is that you can do things you like, yet you get closer to doing the deferred activity.

7. Is it really yours?

What you want to start is all about yours? Or not? Is there a task that others have set to you and you don’t have motivation to do it? Think about why you don’t want to do it. If it’s something you can pass on to someone else, do it. Don’t let your unwanted task develop into anxiety.

If it relates to your job and you need to get it done, the following question comes up: Are you in your place? Are you deal with what you want from the bottom of your heart? Think about these feelings and please stop doing procrastination.

If the answer is yes, then get over it quickly, let the nicer occupations come.

If your answer is no, then maybe it’s time to turn to a coach to get started on the path to change. 🙂

If you’re anser is no, then maybe it’s to to turn to a  coach to get started.


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