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Are you working a lot, yet the expected results not coming?

Are you working a lot? Are you are tired, yet you stay inside your office and work overtime. You sit in front of your laptop until your eyes give up and everything flows in front of you on the monitors. Many times, you don’t even pay attention to how tired you are, and you don’t even think why your hard work doesn’t bring the expected results. 

Yes, I know you often thinking it’s not a matter of choice. You think you have to work in two shifts, sometimes from sight to flash to have your expenses covered. Perhaps one of the ways to sure success in your eyes is the extreme amount of work. You learned and have heard at home „work my son diligently, you will have the results”. 

According to a 2018 survey, people work an average of 40.5 hours in Hungary. That, of course, is, all in paper, because overtime, extensions and the duration of „not official work” are missing from the original data. 

In Japan existing a separate word for continuous overtime, the word is karosi, which means is „to die at work”. 

Worth it?

When I asked myself this question I answered no, it’s not worth it. Deep down, I felt like I want something different because life had to be about something else. It’s different than working hard, doing tasks at your own pace, building different business. 

Life is about enjoying it. Along with the tiniest moments, the things that seems most natural. Life is about living the present moment, connecting, loving, giving. Giving to yourself first, then giving to others from it. 

You can see a women, enjoying life and meet the expected results in work and life. She doesn't have to work a lot, just enough.

What can you give to yourself? For example, doing an activity you really love. What fills you with enthusiasm, inspires you and emanates from you. It doesn’t really matter what your day is spent with: a job you don’t feel good about, something that comes from your souls, it’s up to you to change these things. 

Why is it feel so good to work hard?

What proportionality do you see between working hard and how much your income is? I am thinking now really large scale. If you work 60 hours, do you take home two or three times as much as you work in 40 hours?

According to a survey, most people are able to do two and six hours of work intensively at the same time, by the ninth hour they are usually so tired that it is already at the expense of efficiency.

What if you can achieve the same income with more thoughtful, structured work? In less working hours, doing something more enjoyable. When you are really enthusiastic, you just burn your work under your hands. 

What if you replace the word work with the word of vocation and start thinking about a money-making process in which you find joy and have time for yourself, your loved ones?

Do you believe that you can make a living from the activities that come from your abilities and your true vocation?

At all, do you know what your vocation is?

Download the e-book and join the course. Let’s find together what your path is.

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