Do you know why I don’t have a bucket list?

Do you know why I don’t have a bucket list?

I don’t own a bucket list and to tell the truth I became very tense, when I read somewhere that’ I have a lot of things to do in my bucket list’. I just didn’t understand why this concept bothers me ,until I realize that for me this ’bucket list’ means  the postponement of dreams. 

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I procrastinated many times, I just kept pushing certain things that I knew I wanted to do. It was easier to plan, to dream than to actually execute. The question is why? I think I was afraid of what would happen if I reach my goal, where I have to show myself, stand for myself, receive feedback – and most likely there were many other similar beliefs working in me. 

It took me years to change this way of thinking and to get to the point where I am now.  Carrying out my plans and completing without hesitation. I do smaller or larger tasks that will take me to my goal. I do have lists, although these are more temporary because I either take care of everything right away or put it in my online task manager to do it later. (well of course, that doesn’t always go smoothly either, as I just found an unfinished task in 2018 yesterday.) Despite of this, I never have a bucket list and I almost certain I won’t have. Do you know why?

What I want to achieve I immediately realize or set it as a goal and move straight forward to my goal unbrokenly. That means I don’t have an imaginary list with dreams on it, desire to be achieved sometime, but as a goal to be achieved within a tight deadline.

I don’t list dreams cherished for years, decades that I never make come true because of my fears of excuses. What’s the point? I prefer to implement them right now. I have no reasons to procrastinate. I just know that what I want is almost mine, just have to do for it. If I do, I will achieve. 

Other aspect I was thinking that what I want to achieve now, it could appear in a completely different way on an imaginary list in 10 years. Just as I had lived my dreams 10 years ago or living now, maybe it simply fell out of the sieve. Also happened, that I realized some dreams are not fitting for my life, felt like I’m not attracted so much anymore. At this point, I let it go and let another idea come in its place. Instead of constantly correcting my list, chasing my unrealized dreams, I opened up a room for my future opportunities. 

It’s so simple why I don’t have a bucket list. I don’t need it. I live my life, if I have a dream, I’ll make it happen right away. I always find a way to live and enjoy the opportunities and joys that life offers to me. 

I wish you instantly fulfilled desires and a purposeful journey towards your adventures. 

author: Szilvia Gürtler 

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