Discover your creativity



• The program takes approximately 6 hours.

• We start at 10, and go to a beautiful environment to enjoy the nature and to be inspired by the entourage.

• I provide you the necessary art tools such a special paper, scissors, color paints, brush and other stuff.



Artistic creation helps you to really know yourself and take on that brilliant person you are. By expanding creativity, you learn something new that gives experience and improves your life.

Your creativity develops most when you are in a positive emotional state. When you feel good, your thinking is soaring. You give bigger space to new ideas, new opportunity to develop different solutions, to try new things,  to act differently.

On our creativity-driven activities, we focus on ‘Discover your creativity’ in a one-day program. We spend our time in rest and let our creativity manifest in the most obvious form for us. This can be anything: taking a photo, writing a fairy tale, making videos, creating a natural collage or even working out ideas. Just free up yourself. Discover what your creative expression is.

This process makes you more creative and gives you a liberating feeling as you give room for your ability.


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