a gyermek szemével

See the world through the eyes of a child

When did the clean, childish behavior, the curiosity, disappear from us? When did we start to see it differently than with the eyes of a child and perceive the world as gray, boring? When did sincere laughter disappear from our everyday lives?

The sad truth

I realized that so many of us have lost faith in miracles and the joy of discovering the world. Rather, they began to look for a magic sphere that showed the future in every detail, which, while also functioning as a kind of truthful mirror, gives a ready-made answer to everything.

They no longer trust their intuitions, they no longer follow their inner voice. They’re actually less and less heard, as they work most of the time to suppress it. And their childish selves are mostly sought after only in adult games.

They search for the past, they want to know the future, while they almost slip through the present. They are bitter, sad for the past, mourning the lost, and worried about the future. They hardly dare to embark on a new thing, as there is so much risk and more fear than certainty. What if I fail? What if it fails?

The key of happiness

Just look at a child who is still fully alive in the present. While playing, he concentrates deeply and tries until he realizes what he envisioned. If he wants to stand up, he tries until he succeeds. If you want to eat alone, experiment until you solve it. He dares to explore his little world.

Doubt, failure and unsuccessful are not in the dictionary of young children. When and how did he crawl into ours? How long have we been dissatisfied, instead of experimenting, trying, starting again, if we don’t succeed perfectly at first? We’re impatient with ourselves and we just wave at the thought of learning something when we take something.

We are so immersed in the air of perfection to achieve perfection that we are slowly forgetting to look around. To rejoice in the smallest things, to smile at the oncoming, to wander along the way, to smell flowers, to caress a pet, to gang up slowly, or just to bump into nothingness.

a gyermek szemével

With the eye of a child

For me, inner peace, happiness, also means letting my childish self live. To be curious, to look around in amazement, to ask with interest, to discover new things, to learn different answers. I am still a consciously thinking adult living a life with a child’s clear vision and attitude. I rejoice when joy comes, I cry when I am sad, I get up when I stumble, I change when I want something else, and I go where I want to go.

In the meantime, I trust myself, listen to my inner voice, and start again as many times as necessary. I know for sure that every moment of my day holds more and more miracles for me.

It is so easy to live the perfect happiness. Just look around and marvel at this colorful and exciting world with your child’s eyes too!

Find your childish self again 


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