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Enjoy the flow of abundance!

During my work conscious people look for me, who seemingly successful at first glance but still they are looking for their purpose, life passion, and they have challenges in financial field. Because they don’t realize the potential that is in them and enjoy the flow of abundance.

How can you be fulfilled and allow yourself abundance?

For me, abundance is not just financial abundance. Of course, it is also a very important part, but in abundance I have included a full, fulfilled life, self-realized by your own life passion, a life where your different life areas are in harmony.

Abundance means to me that I am part of the universal, constantly flowing abundance, which is here, all around us in our world. If you look at abundance from this perspective, you will already see that you can embrace abundance with your choices. By choosing what you see around you, what you do and where you go. You also embark on the path of abundance when you start a business, when you create something, and you choose the path to growth over security.

Why don’t you live it?

For this, I will show you 3 obstacles that most hinder your opening to the energy and flow of abundance. Stay with me because I will show you the solutions as well.

Are you ready? Then let’s start.

1st Obstacle –  Lack of life target

You have no purpose in life or your goals are poorly articulated. Moreover, not only you can’t see your goals clearly, but not even your dreams, so you are more of a daydreamer than you are able to transforming your dreams into goals. You set small-scale, short-term goals for yourself, and you don’t even make them true, because your daily tasks, your little things, call for you. Even if you have a goal and start on the path to realization, you become tired, scared, afraid to fulfill it on the way. You have no vision, one in which you see yourself in another living space, in abundance, in joy.

Enough of the pointlessness! Do you agree?

2nd Obstacle – You have no clue what your life passion is

You search for what to do, and you think something divine spark or message outside of you will come and finally someone will tell you what your life passion is. You are unsure of what to do. You have a call for one or two activities, but you don’t dare to go into them, citing various reasons and excuses. You’re more likely to stay in your usual, fixed-income job, where you can’t necessarily unfold yourself and accomplish everything that calls you so much. You waste your time, your energy with a job you don’t love, you don’t find joy in it.

You know, you feel that there is something higher that you are here on earth that you alone can fill, that can be realized through you, and that it will be able to affect the lives of many.

Enough of the searching! Is that how you see it?

3rd Obstacle – Chaos in your finances

Well, the eternal fear. Either not enough, or if there is enough, you are unable or unwilling to handle it. You are full of limiting beliefs that make you unable to move on to your wealth. There are so many of them that you won’t even notice. What do you think about money?

You’ll be surprised because you don’t even think how many unconscious sentences, beliefs you carry with you, and how much it has become your habit to live by them. These inadvertently prevent you from connecting to the flow of money, thus not identifying with your energy. And the money arrives where it is welcomed.

You spoil your thoughts about money with the way you handle money. Either there is not enough, or there is plenty, yet you cannot grasp it and manage it skillfully, because everything is falling apart in your hands.

Are you familiar with these obstacles? How many of these are present in your life? One? Two? Three? Most likely all three, if you are not already living the stream of abundance that you see with your inner eyes.

Enough of the financial mess, the unpaid bills, the daily living! Right?

How can you move on from this and make constant the flow of abundance?

1st Solution: See your life target clearly

You need precise goals tailored to inspire you. Forget the goal planning methodology, otherwise, you can move on to it with completely different call words. Because you need something much more sublime and grand than small-scale, quantifiable, time-bound goals.


We bring to the surface your true, innermost dreams, formulate and turn your goal into a path to realization.

2nd Solution: Find your life passion!

You don’t have to look outside for your life passion. Because your passion is what you create. What makes you so happy that you are happy to do it in any form, anytime. It’s not a question of whether you work as an entrepreneur or for multinational company, work in MLM, or live as a housewife. The question is, do you take on the realization of what you see in your vision and accept your abilities to create and use it.

We find your life passion to confidently create and embrace all that comes to you through it. Gratitude, love, joy, and yes, money too.

3rd Solution – Redesign your finance!

Sure, here’s what to clean and fix. First, your thoughts, your money management, and your inclusion.

Your thoughts become habits, so after a while you become addicted to them. Scarcity and fear have developed in you along the lines of thought. However, it is not possible to create from these. To be more accurate it is possible, but look around: you can create exactly what you already have now. The idea and habit of abundance, success, prosperity is still unusual for you, which is why you have avoided the flow of abundance so far.

I will show you how to replace the habits of need with the flow of abundance. You learn to handle money, so the money tap opens and the flow of money in your life finally begins.

It is possible to spend months and years searching for goals, fulfilling a vocation, and arranging finances. You’ve most likely experienced it before, as you may have been looking for answers to these questions for years.

It is also very important which one you process in what order. You just have to fix this once. It will take time for these three winning solutions to come together. I’ll give you the right accelerators to speed up this process. Exactly 9 accelerators, making these three victory solutions available in less than 90 days.

If you decide to save yourself the dead ends, unnecessary searching, and finally allow yourself the flow of abundance, send the word ‘ABUNDANCE’ to me on messenger and I will tell you the details of how you can take your life to a higher level with me.

Author: Szilvia Gürtler

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